Overview Of The Best E Liquid Choices

People that smoke regular cigarettes often get used to the same flavor, becoming addicted to it for many years. The tobacco taste is an acquired one, something that many people enjoy. However, with the advent of electronic cigarettes, it is now possible to enjoy a variety of flavors that were simply not possible before. Although traditional tobacco has its benefits in regard to taste, ecigs definitely provide an advantage when it comes to variety when smoking today. It’s take a look at a few of the more popular e liquid choices that are available, ones that you might want to try today.

Types Of E Liquids

If you have not used electronic cigarettes before, they are actually a very unique device. There are two main components consisting of a cartomizer and an e liquid cartridge. It is within that cartridge that the liquid nicotine is stored and ignited by the cartomizer when you inhale. Although you will receive the nicotine as you would with a traditional cigarette, it is also possible to experience a variety of different flavors as well.

Although there are traditional tobacco flavored e liquids that you can purchase and use, you can also try different ones such as apple pie, banana cream, blackberry, popcorn, rum, bubblegum, caramel and even cheesecake. It might seem strange to associate flavors like this with a cigarette, but this trend of smoking flavored cigarettes is becoming more popular each and every year.

Why You Should Switch

Electronic cigarettes not only provide you with a variety of flavors to choose from, but they also allow you to enjoy nicotine without the carcinogens that can cause cancer. There is no tobacco in an electronic cigarette, and what you inhale it simply water vapor and nicotine combined. The flavor that you experienced is within the e liquid itself. That’s why it is so easy to experience the different flavors that are available. You simply switch your existing cartridge for a different one, inhale, and enjoy the flavored nicotine. By doing this, you are not only expanding your experience with smoking, but you are also improving your chances of living a longer life by eliminating the carcinogens from traditional smoking that you breathe everyday.

Best Flavors Available

Even though we have mentioned a wide variety of flavors, and there are well over 100 that you can try, there are a few that are favorites with most people that use electronic cigarettes today. The most popular, of course, is the traditional tobacco taste. This is simply because this is what most people have come to expect when smoking. Likewise, there is a menthol flavor that is very popular as well. The final three include coffee, mint, and chocolate. Although the other flavors available have their benefits, these five are purchased by more people than any of the others.

You should try electronic cigarettes just to experience the different flavors. Although there are health benefits to switching from traditional tobacco, by experiencing the different flavors, you can add a completely different level of enjoyment to your smoking habit. Hopefully you will try ecigs and the many e liquid flavors available today.